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Karen founded Kee Casting in response to a growing need in our industry for a creative casting company in the NYC and tri-state area that could service film, television, commercials, and industrials. Kee Casting considers itself a boutique casting office.  Karen continues to work closely and hands on with producers and directors to ensure she captures the filmmakers' vision and delivers authentic casts.  Whether working with a large budget studio movie or with a small independent film, Etcoff provides personal attention to all aspects of the project.


Bill trIpician, JOSEPHINE RONGA, & Katy Carpineli

Our associates are an integral part of the team. They and the entire staff of Kee Casting pride themselves on detailed prepping and presentation on all projects. The team researches specific periods and locations and interfaces with the costume designers to ensure the most creative casting choices for each project. To that end, Kee Casting is always seeking new faces and fresh talent.

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